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Improv Karaoke, Volume 1   

Headin' Home  Faith, Good Neighbors and a Telephone  The Sweet Potatoes

     Laura's first faith music  All in God's Good Time  I See A Tiger    


Leanr to play music with improv groups!CLICK HERE to order my book as a paperback


Are you a musician who performs with an improv comedy group? If so, this book is for you! You'll also greatly benefit if you are a music director, improv team leader, improv teacher or coach, improv actor or singer, or just a hardcore Whose Line fan.


"With Laura Hall you get experience, knowledge, and a teacher you can trust. What more could you ask for?" - Colin Mochrie



      Slice of Pie cd  Slice of Pie dvd


Also available from my fabulously talented husband:


Slice of Pie (cd) A live recording of Rick's sweet, funny original stories

about growing up on a farm in central IL.


Slice of Pie (dvd) An indie film Rick wrote, starred in, and shot in his

home town, of Jerseyville, IL. Based on a story from his cd, it features

Kelly Macleod in her acting debut, two songs from Tim Grimm, and a score I wrote.


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