I'm best known for my work on the long running improviational television show, Whose Line is it Anyway. I've been the Musical Director and Improvisational Pianist for all 16 seasons of the American version. 

But I am involved in all sorts of musical projects. I teach musical improv for actors, I have an online course to teach musicians how to play for improv, I am a singer/songwriter, I compose for theater, musicals, and film, I am Musical Director for theater and musicals, and more.  So come and explore!


Whose Line at Royal Albert Hall

Playing with a combined British and American Whose Line is it Anyway
cast at the historic Royal Albert Hall in London!

  Playing & conducting Head Over Heels at the Pasadena Playhouse

  Laura Hall     Whose Line Live in London


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Camp Improv Utopia (Yosemite)

 —  —

Calvin Crest, Oakhurst, CA

Shulie Cowen and I had so much fun teaching music improv at camp last year, we're going back! Camp Improv Utopia is a 3 night retreat for adults 21. This three-night camping experience includes loads of improv workshops, each exploring different forms, genres, etc. as well as jams and comraderie with other improvisers. Plus there are camp activities like archery, crafts, a trip to Yosemite National Park and more! Your accommodations are great too, with cabin camping with showers and bathrooms, all your meals and much more. Come play with us at camp!

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