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Volume 1 - available as CDs or downloads

Improv Karaoke is a whole new way to do improv! This 2 CD set will get you started with making up your own songs on the spot!  Disc 1 starts with a general tutorial that gives an overview of song improv, with lots of tips and pointers. Then you’ll hear a demo version of each track, improvised by people like Keegan-Michael Key, Dan Castellaneta and Kathy Kinney, based on suggestions they’ve gotten on the spot.

Disc 2 has all the same tracks, but without any talking or demos. It’s just like karaoke, except you get to make up your own, original songs, on the fly. This is your chance to jump in and give song improv a try!

Improv Karaoke is a perfect tool for theater and improv classes; as a way for improv groups to practice when they don’t have a live musician; for improv performances; or just for fun at a party, camp or special event. You can host an Improv Karaoke Night at a bar or club, and have teams compete. You can even use the tracks to make up your own song for a special event like an anniversary or birthday.

Even if you’ve been scared to try song improv, Improv Karaoke will get you started and having fun. And if you’re an old hand, you can use the cd to sharpen your skills and try it with your friends. 

Volume 2 - available as download only

These download tracks are a follow up to the popular Improv Karaoke, Volume 1 because people were clamoring for more styles!  The first track is a short tutorial with demo songs (For a more in depth tutorial about song improv, and more demos, check out Improv Karaoke, Volume 1). Then you'll find nine new styles to use for your own song improv games.  

It’s just like karaoke, except you get to make up your own original songs on the fly. This is your chance to jump in and give song
improv a try!

"Improv Karaoke is a blast!" - Chip Esten (Whose Line is it Anyway, Nashville)

available as kindle or paperback

Are you a musician who plays with an improv comedy group, or is interested in trying it? If so, this book is for you! You'll also greatly benefit if you're a director, improv teacher or coach, or part of an improv group who wants to help a musician learn how to play with you. It's fun even if you're just a hardcore Whose Line fan.
This book is an opportunity for me to share knowledge gained from my years of improv experience. You'll learn how I do what I do on Whose Line is it Anyway (plus get some insider stories about the show!) You'll get tips & pointers on how to play for live improv shows, play in different styles, accompany improvised songs, approach long and short form, improvise musicals, be a valuable team player, and lots more.

“The key to our Whose Line gig is really understanding the role that music plays in the show, and Laura is the queen of that skill.” - Linda Taylor (Guitarist - Whose Line is it Anyway)

From the Foreword by Colin Mochrie:    
"On Whose Line, Laura supplies note-perfect music styles for Wayne Brady, Brad Sherwood, Chip Esten, Jeff Davis, et al, to shine on. But Laura's true genius is that she can make caterwaulers like me sound good and, more important, makes caterwaulers like me feel safe enough to try.
Laura Hall is a damn fine musician, period. There is no musical style she isn't well versed in. With Laura you get experience, knowledge, and a teacher you can trust. What more could you ask for? So get reading, start playing, and have more fun than you're ready for."  

available as CDs or downloads

   Faith, Good Neighbors and a Telephone   The Sweet Potatoes

During the 10 years we were a band, we made three CDs, toured the country, and had a lot of laughs. In this band I got to write, sing, and play guitar, ukulele & accordion. Along with bandmates Kelly Macleod (writer, vocals, guitar) and Rick Hall (vocals, bass, harmonica), we played a tasty blend of country, folk and Americana, loaded with harmonies and a touch of twang. This is the music straight from our hearts. 

"If the Dixie Chicks jammed with Emmylou Harris, it would sound like them"  - Dave Harvey, producer of "Dave Harvey Presents

available as CDs or downloads

A WOMAN OF FAITH was my first contemporary christian cd. I wrote these songs hoping they would be both personal and universal; thought provoking and full of emotion. The songs are an intimate expression of my faith journey as a woman, a mother, and a part of the broader community of faith.

ALL IN GOD'S GOOD TIME is my second faith based CD. I had a fantastic band, with Linda Taylor (from "Whose Line is it Anyway?) doing some stellar guitar work. The songs explore the challenges and joys of living in faith in modern times

available as CDs or downloads

I SEE A TIGER was the first tape I ever made (that's how long ago it was!), with songs I'd made up for my niece and the other toddlers in my life. I got such good response I made COME JOIN THE PARADE, and then combined the two onto the new technology of CDs. Timeless fun for the kids in your life. 

"Fun for kids without being annoying to adults" - a mom

available as CD, downloads & DVD

 Slice of Pie cd  Slice of Pie dvd

From my fabulously talented husband:

Slice of Pie (cd) A live recording of Rick's sweet, funny original stories about growing up on a farm in central IL.

Slice of Pie (dvd) An indie film Rick wrote, starred in, and shot in his home town, of Jerseyville, IL. Based on a story from his cd, it features Kelly Macleod in her acting debut, two songs from Tim Grimm, and a score I wrote. This is only available by ordering below:

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