On being an author

I wrote a book last year!  I can't believe I can say that!

I actually co-wrote it, with Bob Baker, and it's called "The Improv Comedy Musician: The Ultimate Guide to Playing Music with an Improv Group".  It's about how to do the kind of playing I do on Whose Line, live with your own improv group. 

Although I've been playing for improv for a long time, since my days at The Second City and The Annoyance (both in Chicago), I never thought I could write about it.  So much of it is intuitive to me, and feels like part of my DNA, I didn't feel like I could explain it to someone else.  That's where the multi-talented Bob Baker came in.  He invited me to do his podcast, and afterward we talked.  He suggested we try writing a book together.  He said, "If you can talk about the subject, you certainly can write about it." I was still uncertain, until he reminded me that not only is he an improviser, musician and teacher, he's written books before!  Loads of them!  

So we began this collaborative process, and it turned out to be really fun.  I would spew out a bunch of my thoughts on paper, and he would turn it into lovely things like paragraphs and chapters.  He would add his expertise and send it back.  This back and forth got me really thinking in detail about how I do this crazy thing I've been doing most of my adult life.  In the process, it made me appreciate what a remarkable creative life I've had, with improv as a big part of it. 

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