Big Improv Love

I just got back from Femprovisor Fest in San Fransisco, an all female improv festival.  Going to improv festivals is kind of like going to camp; I always talk too much, stay up too late, want to do everything and see every show, make new friends, reconnect with old friends, and come home exhausted!

I taught two workshops, one with my good friend, Shulie Cowen on musical improv for actors.  I did another on what I do on Whose Line, which is being a Musical Director (or MD) for improv.  I had such talented, smart, energetic students in both workshops.  They were ready and willing to learn. In the MD workshop, it felt almost like a support group.  There are not many of us who do this, and being able to share thoughts and ask questions of our peers is important.  I always walk away from these workshops knowing I've learned something too.  What an amazing thing, as long as I've been doing this, there's always more to learn. 

I also played three shows, including one with Shulie Cowen and the wildly talented Tara DeFrancisco. (I would improvise with those two women any day of the week!)  After one show, a beautiful young woman came up and told me how much my work on Whose Line had inspired her as she was growing up.  She called me a role model.  It made me so happy and proud (and a little bit old, but that's okay).  I do what I do because it inspires me and makes me happy. But when it also inspires someone else, that's the best ever.  

I'm back home now, and feeling the big improv love. thanks you all.

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