Whose Line FAQs

Can you send me the sheet music/MP3 file for the Hoe Down (or Irish Drinking Song)?
This is the question people ask me the most. I’m sorry, but all the music on Whose Line is the property of the show, and they’ve chosen not to publish it, so it’s not available in any form.

 However, I have created a 2 cd set, Improv Karaoke,Vol. 1which has tracks in different styles (including one similar to the Hoe Down) designed to be used for song improv.  It also has demos, tips and pointers to help you get started.  It was so popular, I also made Improv Karaoke, Vol. 2 with more musical styles for your improv pleasure (including one that's a lot like Irish Drinking Song).  You can find out more at: www.improvkaraoke.com


I’m a musician and want to play for improv groups, how do I get started?
The best way is to immerse yourself in it. Go to lots of improv shows and listen to what the musician is doing. I’d suggest taking an improv class even if you don’t want to be an actor/improviser. It will help you get to know improvisers in your area, and teach you the basic elements of improv. Then start an improv group yourself, or ask an existing one if you can play with them. Most improv groups are thrilled to have a musician who wants to work with them. Often times the musician is the only one who gets paid at the shows!  And study lots of different kinds of music, try to get a basic grasp of what makes a style of music (like blues or reggae) sound like that style.


I also highly recommend Michael Pollack's excellent book Musical Direction for Improv and Sketch Comedy


Can you give me a phone number or e-mail address for Ryan/Wayne/whoever my favorite is? I’m his biggest fan!
Not a chance.

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