Starting out on Whose Line is it Anyway

Whose Line has been the most amazing gig for me.  We started out doing six hybrid episodes, shot in America but with the British host.  We ended up doing 216 episodes over eight seasons with Drew Carey as the host.  It was the most fun, intense, crazy job I’ve ever had.

I got the audition


Paul May 10, 2015 @08:52 pm
You're a talented musician and do a great job on Whose Line is it Anyway! My favourite piece was the Hoedown and wish they would bring it back although I'm sure Ryan is not missing it! lol… Which of the cast makes you laugh the most? It's fascinating listening to Wayne makeup songs like he does. Some of them are really good! He must be fun to work with. Just recently learned about the Sweet Potatoes. They have a great sound! Keep up the great work and sound!
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